“10 things e-cigarettes won’t tell you – MarketWatch”, a response

MarketWatch just published an articled called “10 things e-cigarettes won’t tell you”, kicking things off by saying “We’re Big Tobacco in disguise”. I’m not going to go into detail on my thoughts, there’s no point, John Castle has written a much better piece responding to each of the ten points than I ever could, give it a look.

This is an epic read, but not one for those who aren’t a fan of colourful language, I think the preface sets the scene well.

Note: I’m going to end up fucking swearing a lot and abusing the bold and italics. I do that not to “shout” at you, but because I have a tendency to post the way I would imagine the text would be spoken if narrated out loud. And some of this stuff really demands that kind of inflective emphasis.

Second and final prefatory note: This post is going to sound angry. That’s because itis angry. I hope you understand, dear reader, that I’m not angry at you; I’m angry for you. I hope that I’m angry with you. Vaping saves health and wealth, and it just might save lives, even families. And it’s being lied about. It’s being misrepresented by those who not only claim to know better but whose responsibility it is to know better. That makes me angry. And being nice when things like this come along isn’t putting a dent in the flow of misinformation, disinformation, rumor-mongering and manipulation on the part of self-appointed “authorities” who claim to represent consumers out of one side of their collective mouth while lying to us out the other side.

If coarse language is off-putting to you, this is your stop. If not…

Here we go. John Castle

Read the full story here


  1. John Castle
    Profile photo of castlewriter

    Hi, and thank you so much for linking to me! I hope you and your readers enjoyed the post, that you found it informative and entertaining!

    Posted on November 10, 2013
  2. VaporVickie
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    I love this ! This is raw truth; hope the Mary Poppins don’t choke on it!

    Posted on November 11, 2013

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