“105,000 smokers will be killed every year by TPD ban on e-cigarettes, say manufacturers”

Great article, I don’t know if the TPD will increase tobacco smoking, but it’ll definitely maintain it. Ever wonder how popular ecigs are getting? Check out the graphs in the full report…

The planned EU ban on higher strength e-cigarettes used by 2.5 million Europeans will increase tobacco smoking and lead to 105,000 extra deaths every year, according to the respected economics consultancy, London Economics. The report shows that 210,000 fewer smokers per year will successfully quit smoking as a result of the ban with 9.6 million extra tobacco cigarettes being smoked every day.

The ban is contained in the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) due to be voted by MEPs today (26 February). It would ban all e-cigarettes containing more than 20mg/ml of nicotine – a level scientists say is equivalent to less than a 1/3 of the nicotine in a standard tobacco cigarette. Currently 25% of e-cigarette users currently use higher strength e-cigarettes to help them switch from tobacco.

“Typically these are highly dependent smokers whose history of heavy tobacco use makes them very vulnerable to fatal outcomes if they revert back to tobacco,” said Aaron Taylor, MD of (Electronic Cigarettes Ltd) which helped fund the report.eureporter

Read the full article on eureporter

Full London School of Economics report available on this link.

Another brilliant point in this is the fact that a vendor is being so visible in the fight against ridiculous legislation. Ecig Wizard are a national UK brand and aren’t just talking the talk like so many, opting instead for putting money behind actual research, and I think they deserve recognition for that.

For more information on Ecig Wizard, click here.

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