200 Juices!

This is exciting…. we just hit 200 juices! OK so I added a whole bunch of those testing the site and getting things ready to launch but wow, it still means you’ve added around 140 or so new juices to the site in less than two and a half days! At this rate we’ll have every juice out there within a week or two. Well, maybe not that quick but things are growing much faster than I expected.

It’s been great to get so much feedback (good and bad) and I’ve been able to keep tweaking and building a list of things to finish up

Today’s updates

  • Thanks to Anesthesized suggestion we now have details of steeping methods along with each review (assuming someone steeped). Could make a huge difference to the taste and I can’t believe I missed it
  • Plain text passwords are no longer in signup confirmations
  • Various page layouts have been tweaked
  • The urls of pages have been updated to clearly mark between juice and vendor reviews
  • Vendor’s are good to be added to the site. They’ll go in their own section but also appear as the first item on any Vendors Archive page (eg: Alice in Vapeland). I just need to complete the form
  • Flavour Tag cloud has been added to the right column, it’s kinda big though so I’ll keep an eye on it and may move it in a day or so.


Sadly the flavour cloud and another new widget were causing speed issues, both have been disabled for the time being.

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