“31 Great Vaping Quotes”

This is a great piece, with plenty of researchers, scientists and academic quotes collected together. Not all are positive, but all are worth reading. My favourite is from Chris Snowdon, and I hope he’s right…. “…once e-cigarette use hits critical mass, the revolution will become unstoppable”

Here, in one place, you’ll find 25, 28, 30, 31 great quotes on vaping that will shock, inform and entertain you.

David Sweanor: Former Advisor to the WHO on Tobacco Control

David Sweanor

2. “Safe doesn’t exist. But electronic cigarettes are low risk compared to regular cigarettes. It’s the equivalent of having a four-wheel-drive Volvo compared to a high-powered motorcycle with bald tires in an ice storm.:

3. “Rather than the unattainable standard of ‘safe’ we should be thinking in terms of ‘safer’. Despite the risks associated with soccer, I would, for instance, prefer my children play soccer rather than play with live hand grenades.”Ecigarette Direct

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