350mAh Vladdin Device RE Kit VS 320mAh Yocan Stix Kit

We always want some ideal vape pen kits when we are on a journey. Recently I found two good vape pens in the online vape shops. Now let’s together take a look.

Firstly is the Vladdin Device RE Kit. It is an innovative refillable pod system, you can fill it when the e-liquids is consumed. Compared with cores made of cotton and wires adopted by regular electronic cigarettes, VLADDIN uses patented multi-hole ceramic as the filling and heating materials, which enables it to enlarge the heating area and restore the original flavor of e-liquids while maintaining the heating efficiency. The powerful output from this tiny battery kit attributes to VLADDIN’s built-in nano-coating booster chipset with the maximum output reaching 12W. Its consistent power output ensures the rich and satisfactory sensation of Vladdin.
Vladdin Device RE ReviewThen is the Yocan Stix Kit. It is a portable and versatile device that allows users to use herbal concentrates and utilization of a base connector that acts as a cap and a chamber that acts as the mouthpiece all on top of a ceramic coil. Users can use the sturdy and durable independent storage for an easy and discreet way for their daily routine. It uses a ceramic coil to deliver huge, delectable, and clean vapor. Operating the stix is a single button control interface to fire the device, or change the voltage output. Pressing the button three times changes the voltage output with red being low, green being middle and blue being high. Powered by a 320 mAh internal battery, the Stix can be charged via the USB port. In my opinion, the Yocan Stix is a convenient device that gives users the best vapor possible in a form factor that fits with everyday use, making it ideal for any time, place, or day.
Yocan STIX Review

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