70 Dangerous Smoke Constituents

In all the argument over whether vaping is safer than tobacco smoking, many people are generally ignorant of the facts.

Even the NHS has recently concluded that they see a good reason to prescribe vaping if it helps get heavy smokers to give up tobacco. This conclusion has only been reported in the press this week.

In their argument, they point out that it’s not actually nicotine that is the main cause of the many cancers and heart diseases that can lead to an early death.

Smoke has around 7,000 constituents other than nicotine, of which 70 have been identified as being the dangerous ones. Vaping has nicotine that is the reason people become hooked on smoke. But vape liquid is just as it sounds; it’s vapour and not smoke.

The argument for tobacco smokers to switch to vaping is compelling if bodies such as the government health advisors agree. They would prefer it if people did neither, but if smokers find it difficult to give up, then vaping is clearly the better option.

There are a growing number of e liquid suppliers and anyone thinking about switching from tobacco should visit one of these places to discuss changing.

You can do plenty of research online to check all about the various vaping contraptions and the many different flavours available but getting the info direct from the horse’s mouth is much better.

Considering modern vaping is a product that appeared during this century, it has seen a sensational number of converts. In the UK alone, there is estimated to be close to three million users.

There are a bewildering number of flavours and these are being added to almost daily. But to help avoid too much confusion, lists of a dozen or so of the most liked and sold, gives a newcomer a helping hand.

Lists on the internet of most popular vape flavours, or best deals is a good place to start. But an initial visit to a retail vaping outlet is still recommended.

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