A question of custards

It’s really interesting watching the site develop and seeing what pages are really connecting with people. One thing I’ve noticed quickly is a real love for vanilla custards. Maybe it’s something that triggers nostalgia for our younger years or maybe it’s just the super smooth flavour vanilla custard tends to have? Either way it’s a flavour tag that’s consistently busy and generating some fantastic reviews.

1. Creme Brulee

Average 10.4 after 6 reviews

“We’ve captured a classic. It goes by many names: burnt cream, crema catalana, and Trinity creme among them. It’s most affectionately known as Creme Brulee”

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2. Custard’s Last Stand

Average 10.2 after 11 reviews

“No flowery description required: it’s thick; it’s creamy; it’s decadent; it’s vanilla custard. Some believe it’s better than GVC – no, I’m not kidding. It’s as close to an all day vape as we have ever experienced – truth be told, it’s hard to put it down.”

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3. Vanilla Trifecta
Drakes Vapes

Average 9.7 after 10 reviews

“A trifecta of vanillas and custards with a hint of magic. Made by Warlocks and Witches in a musky basement.”

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4. Ambrosia

Average 9.5 after 4 reviews

“Vanilla custard style juice with a difference.”

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5. Vanilla Custard
Heady Vapes

Average 9.4 after 6 reviews

“This stuff is solid gold. It is sweet without being cloying. The flavor tastes true, not one single chemically note…and plumes of vapor!”

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6. Apple Pie and Custard
Ecig Depot

Average 9.4 after 6 reviews

“Apple Pie and Custard flavoured eliquid”

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7. Vanda
Johnson Creek

Average 9.4 after 2 reviews

“Apple Pie and Custard flavoured eliquid”

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8. Starship 1
Space Jam Robo Fuel

Average 9.2 after 3 reviews

“Starship is a vanilla custard topped with fresh kiwi with a slightly sweet undertone”

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9. Grant’s Vanilla Custard

Average 8.6 after 11 reviews

“Forget the Rest this is the Best. I mixed this flavour a long time ago purely for my own use. After sharing this magnificent flavour with other fellow vapers, the word spread like wild fire.”

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10. Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard
Ecig Wizard

Average 8.3 after 1 review

“Prepare to be thoroughly enchanted as Mrs. B takes your taste buds on a delightful nostalgic trip with this creamy sweet treat. The flavour starts deceptively simply with a biscuity taste while a rich vanilla pushes itself to the front. The sweetness builds into a sugary peak, and then comes a sturdy, heady rush of thick custard. It’s a full-bodied and rounded flavour; there are no disagreeable artificial tastes spoiling this pudding.”

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What do you think? I’m actually vaping some Grants Vanilla Custard right now and I’m kinda surprised to see it so far down the list. The other custards I’ve tried are Ambrosia, Mrs B’s and Vanilla Trifecta and they’re all great… but for me, it’s GVC that’s my most regular all day vape.

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  1. Mimsy
    Profile photo of mimsy

    I’ve found that custards seem to be the most sensitive to steeping. Sadly I have also discovered that I don’t like the taste of a custard juice after it has been mega steeped.

    Posted on September 15, 2013
  2. Nailz
    Profile photo of nailz

    Custards are probably my favorite vapes next to banana flavors, I don’t really count NT’s CB to a custard myself, it is my top flavor, but it has a kick of caramel to it, now CLS is my top vanilla custard, creamy smooth vanilla vape. Hopes vanilla custard was my 1st custard and it’s not a bad vape, gets better with steeping, worse custard I’ve had is from MBV, it’ to much nutmeg, thought steeping but may help, but nope it got no better for me, ended up mixing it in with hopes to make it vapable for me.

    Posted on September 15, 2013
    • VaporVickie
      Profile photo of vaporvickie

      I like the Creme Brulee best from Nicoticket but I have to be honest, I found a vape I like even better called Mystik RY4. I was searching for a coffee vape and happened to discover this little gem by accident. Mystik has a pretty large following.

      Posted on September 22, 2013
  3. VaporVickie
    Profile photo of vaporvickie

    I love vanilla vapes if they are rich, decadent, and super vanillay! I recently discovered a vape that has vanilla in it that I LOVE called Mystik RY4. This one takes the cake of ALL the vanilla vapes. It has the flavor of vanilla, salted carmel, fresh roasted nuts, and cream. This one I could vape by the barrel. Not sure I really want the word to get out about this one lol.

    Posted on September 22, 2013

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