510 Dual Coil Cartomizers, Atomiser

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510 Dual Coil Cartomizers

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Dual coil cartomizer with refiller
Suitable for Smoktech/510/EGO battery

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Build quality ( 10 )
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Performance ( 9 )
Price ( 9 )
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510 Dual Coil Cartomizers 510 Dual Coil Cartomizers 510 Dual Coil Cartomizers

Added by mimsy

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Smoker for 15 years, tried to quit several times but usually failed within weeks. Now a shiny addict.
They saySolid for the price
They bought it fromFastTech
Paid£1 Each
Their setupEgo Battery for out and about


Device information

Made bySmokTech
Atomiser typeCarto
Tank Typen/a
Aimed atNew Vaper / Regular Vaper

Reviews (1)

510 Dual Coil Cartomizers 9.8

I grabbed some of these to test them for 'out and about' purposes. I wanted something that wouldn't be top heavy on an ego battery, and that I'd be able to take out even to places that wouldn't let you in with a big mod that you could hit someone with.

I'm not going to pretend these are as nice as dripping, or as well built as Kayfun Lite, but these are a marked improvement over Clearomisers. I'd personally place them even with, or slightly above Protanks and Davides, and slightly below the Kayfun Lite.

The disposable nature is annoying if you're used to rebuilding, but these do come pretty cheap in a multipack.

I can't see myself using them at home much, but I have indeed found my 'long range' or 'Don't take expensive things with you' setup using these now!

Wick type used: Silica
Mod body used: SVD / eGo Battery
Coil type: Dual
Bought from: FastTech

  • Cheaper than disposable clearos
  • Tastier / more clouds than standard cleros
  • Slightly more of a pain to fill than a clearo
  • Can\'t recoil
Posted on August 28, 2013 11:34 am

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