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Stainless Steel & Pyrex Special Edition Affordable Genesis Atomiser Kit Ideal for those who want to try out a Genesis style rebuildable tank atomiser on a budget.

Each kit comes with both a flame-polished pyrex glass tank and a polycarbonate tank, as well as a full spares kit to get you started.

AGA T2 Features
* All parts are 304 Stainless steel (no cheap plated metal parts or ferritic steel)
* Approximate 3ml capacity
* Standard 510 connector with adjustable centre pole
* O-ring top cap assembly (not threaded)
* Flame-polished Pyrex glass tank with NEW IMPROVED silicone seal design

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Build quality ( 8.7 )
Ease of setup ( 4.3 )
Performance ( 8 )
Price ( 9.3 )
Availability ( 10 )

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
They sayI love and hate this atty in equal measure
They bought it fromStealthVape
Their setupSVD or k100


Device information

Made byYoude
Atomiser typeGenesis
Tank TypeGlass
WickFlexible, aimed at mesh but silica works
Aimed atExperienced vapers

Reviews (3)

AGA T2 6.9

This is a decent RBA for the price, but the terrible design of the center post with the multiple thumb nuts is a major pain every time you rebuild.

For $25, you get what you pay for, but I would not buy another or recommend this model.

Wick type used: SS Mesh
Mod body used: ProVari 2.5
Coil type: Single
Bought from:

  • Decent build quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Glass tank
  • The multi-thumbsnut center post
Posted on January 6, 2014 4:04 pm
AGA T2 7.6

I love and hate this device in equal measures. Build quality is great, looks lovely and I've not once had a leak from it. The problem is setting it up is an absolute b*stard. Performance is brilliant once it's working, probably right up there with the best of my atomisers and it's my go to carry around - it's just that every time I change the wick/coil it takes me ages to get it working ok at the right resistance and without hot legs. As I'm try try trying to get it setup I always have at least three coils pop on me (and then have to start again) and getting rid of hot legs is always really hard.

Maybe it's just me, I've recoiled it four or five times now in total but I'm still not getting it, if the performance wasn't so damn good when it's done right I wouldn't bother with it, but damn it does vape well when I get it right.

Wick type used: SS Mesh
Mod body used: SVD
Coil type: Single
Bought from:

  • Vapes brilliantly
  • Looks great
  • Doesn\'t leak
  • I find it really hard to set up
  • Like, really hard to set up right
  • Always lots of popped coils when I build it
Posted on September 4, 2013 12:57 pm
AGA T2 9.6

I bought this the day that it was released from a local B&M. The quality is pretty decent for the price.

Wick type used: SS Cable
Mod body used: Poldiac
Coil type: Single
Bought from: Local B&M

  • Good price
  • Build quality
Minors No minors
Posted on September 4, 2013 9:51 am

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