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The Arrow is ingeniously designed with air flow control in mind. Made in Korea by Team Rampage, the top cap can be adjusted for single hole, dual hole or no hole setup by simply turning the top cap on this RBA. Even the supplied drip tips have adjustable air flow control. The Arrow comes with one delrin and one stainless steel drip tip which have an indicator line on one side. To get maximum air flow through your drip tip, match the line up with the engraved line on the top cap. If less air flow is desired, simply turn the drip tip 90 degrees.

The Arrow can be built with wick as a single, dual, U wick, single coil or dual coil. This allows for plenty of options and different approaches to perfecting your build. Perfecting your build will allow your atty to perform in the exact way you desire. Tanks are made of Pyrex glass. The Arrow RBA is made from stainless steel with brass connector and is 17mm in diameter. Each RBA is individually serial numbered and engraved with the name arrow on the post giving it an elegant appeal.


  • No-leak technology
  • Spring post
  • Dual wick holes
  • Dual air holes
  • Recessed juice well
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Indicators on top cap and drip tip

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
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Made byTeam Rampage
Atomiser typeOriginal
Tank TypeGlass
Aimed atExperienced Vaper

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