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The GP® Heron v1 comes in 2 tone finish handmade by our experienced polishers.

Its length from the bottom to the top of the connector is 46 mm and from the contact with the battery compartment to the top 41 mm.

Its weight without drip tip and topper is 68 gr, its weight without drip tip is 73 gr, and its overall weight is 83 gr.

Capacity is around 3,3 ml.

The post screws are M2 x 3 mm length SS Philips screws. The positive post has M2 threading and the negative one has M3 threading.

MAY 2014

The GP® Heron v1.5 has 3 changes:
1. Slot for the AFC instead of holes for cloud chasers who make SRL (super low resistance) coils, a request mostly from the American vapers.
2. Double o-rings in the drip tip for a more constant placement during use.
3. GPin’s base from EU certified 316 SS to delay the resulted oxidisation inside the base from luck of cleaning. We recommend in any case to clean the interior of the base frequently as it must be done with all your vaping gear.
The GP PAPS® X converter (M20x1mm to M21x1mm ring), is used for GP® Heron to connect with GP PAPS® X via its proprietary M201 connection, giving a hybrid look and and it can be purchased here.

GP PAPS® v1, v2, v2.1, v2.5 mods and many mods with M20x1 calibrated threads can accomodate GP® Heron directly onto the tube without a need for a 510 connection. GP® Heron is made from EU certified 316 SS. A special designed drip tip is included.

JUNE 2014

Three new spare parts have been added for the GP® Heron:

A GP® Heron 510 adapter has been made under request, for GP® Heron v1 and v1.5 and converts the proprietary 201 connection to 510 connection without adding much length to the device. It is suitable for regulated mods and box mods who have a 510 connection. It is available here.
The GP PAPS® X AFC Ring from Aluminium Bronze (CuAl8 is a copper alloy), it works as an adjustable air flow control (AFC). Gives a better visual intergration of the GP PAPS® X Lux and Ti Edition with GP® Heron, especially when it is combined with the GP PAPS® X LUX Converter Ring. It comes in hand polished finish made by our experienced polishers. It is avaialble here.
The aluminium bronze X Converter, available here, gives a better visual intergration of the GP PAPS® X Lux and Ti Edition with GP® Heron, especially when it is combined with the GP Heron Lux AFC Ring.

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Heron Heron Heron

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
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Made byGP
Atomiser typeSphereoid
Tank TypeSteel
Aimed atConnoisseur, 20x1 mod owner

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