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The Immortalizer has awesome airflow for big clouds

Easy to build to different configurations!

The ceramic base allows for sub ohm vaping and helps to keep things cool

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Build quality ( 11 )
Ease of setup ( 9 )
Performance ( 11 )
Price ( 6 )
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Immortalizer Immortalizer Immortalizer

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Made byChief Vapors
Atomiser typeDripper
Tank TypeNone
Aimed atConnoisseur

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Immortalizer 9.5

I originally swung by here to do a review on my new Kayfun that I am completely in love with and I saw the "Immo" with no reviews , getting no love? Kinda shocked actually, if you like to drip your juice to get that pure flavor profile only given by vaping a good RDA and you haven't had the opportunity to use one of these suckers , you are sure missing out on a great vape that is really one of the best I've ever had. Something about the way the air flows from under your coil and down through that ceramic plate that just makes your juice come alive. It is less about the monster clouds with this Pinoy dripper and more about the fantastic flavor. That being said , there is sufficient airflow and contrary to some that state you cant drill out the sleeve , you most certainly can with great results although I just drill mine a hair bigger than stock and that suits me fine. The build quality is top notch coming from Chief Vapers Pat and if I had any gripes at all with it would be trying to find a build that brings this atomizer to its full potential. I spent alot of time trying to configure my wick and coil to suit my style of vaping. The stock build just didn't do it for me so I ended up with a knot style wick that holds enough liquid to make my life easier and keeps it out threads when putting your top cap back on. Other than the limited amount of wick space I really don't have another negative thing to say about it , well maybe the price? I paid $95 for mine without shipping. I am on the political side of the fence that doesnt advocate the borrowing of other peoples ideas and design but that is just for me and what others choose to do for whatever reason is not my concern. With that said , it is also terrible for someone not to be able to experience something extraordinary because of finances or lack there of , so if you are creative (ie , google) you might just be able to find something extremely close to this for a fraction of the price. Bottom line , Great Vape!

Wick type used: Silica
Mod body used: Atmomixani Nemesis
Coil type: Single
Bought from: Local Vape

  • unreal flavor
  • under coil airflow
  • beautiful atomizer
  • no juice well/ not alot of room for wick
  • price
Posted on November 17, 2013 6:54 pm

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