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The Pulse-G Genesis Atomizer features a unique reduced chamber for outstanding vaper and flavour.  It is constructed using 304 stainless steel and comes with a matching drip tip with the Pulse logo.  This is a beautiful, solid genesis atomiser that will look great in any collection.

Full Specifications are:

  • 22mm Width by 45mm Height
  • Approx 2.5ml Tank Capacity
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Dual Air Hole
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 2mm Filler Hole
  • 3mm Wick Hole
  • Adjustable Copper 510 Post
  • Adjustable Air Chamber – unique “pie” insert for reduced chamber
  • Dual Coil Configuration

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Build quality ( 8 )
Ease of setup ( 9 )
Performance ( 11 )
Price ( 10 )
Availability ( 10 )

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Device information

Made byRM Mods
Atomiser typeGenesis
Tank TypePyrex glass
WickSingle, dual, U-wick
Aimed atExperienced vaper

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Pulse G 9.6

This will just be a short one just because there isn't a single review for this genny and it definitely deserves a little love and info for someone who might be interested. To be fair I am not a huge genesis fan but that said I do own a few and I have had a bunch come and go over the years. I can honestly say that the Pulse has been one of my top 5 favorite genny style atomizers and it all comes down to some of the best flavor you can get out of a 22mm genesis atty. I only ever used it with the reducer and single coil , I use cable with 400 mesh wrapped on top and I really do love it. For the money (around $140) you would be really hard pressed to find something better. One little niggle with it is you have to make sure the reducer is pushed as far to the outside of the deck as it can , otherwise it will take air in through the hole that is supposed to be blocked. Value for your cash , flavor on par with a kayfun , copper positive pin , classy lookin bit of gear , all make this a no brainer for either a genny lover or someone looking for their first genny.

Wick type used: SS Cable
Mod body used: GP Lux
Coil type: Single
Bought from: 310vapers

  • looks
  • outstanding flavor
  • value
  • no afc
  • no tank protector but could be a positive for the look of it
Posted on July 29, 2014 1:53 pm

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