T3S Clearomizer 2.4ml

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New T3S Bottom Coil Tank Clearomizer

2.4ml capacity polycarbonate bottom coil tank clearomizer.

As well as looking good this durable T3S clearomizer has replacable coils to extend the life of the clearomizer and reduce the cost of your vape.

The bottom coil system provides a nice, warm vapor with excellent flavor and is easy to fill.

The bottom coil system gives a cleaner vape, giving the T3S a longer life.

We have been recommended the T3S clearomizer by a customer from France, who told us that he had been using one for 6 weeks with no leaks and no problems.

510 Thread

Works with all the batteries we sell including the Ego Twist.

Comes with 1 atomizer head in 2.5 ohm.

Replacement coils available.

The T3S clearomizer has the bottom coil heating system, eGO 510 threading, and great performance. The body is polycarbonate, and should not be used with any e-liquid flavour listed as a “clearo cracker”.

The T3S bottom coil head and metal base is detachable, so it will be less expensive to replace a coil.

When the coil head dies, you can keep the metal base and replace only the mini coil head.

T3S clearomizer will work well on most eGo/eGo T/eGo C batteries.

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Build quality ( 8 )
Ease of setup ( 10 )
Performance ( 8 )
Price ( 9 )
Availability ( 9.5 )

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Added by coolbreeze

They sayExcellent, No leaking, easy to fill, easy to maintain! Perfect
They bought it fromCool Breeze E-Cigs
Their setupeGo-C Twist VV


Device information

Made byKangleer
Atomiser typeClearo
Tank TypePolycarbonate
Aimed atNew Vaper / Regular Vaper

Reviews (2)

T3S Clearomizer 2.4ml 7.0

I started off loving this - and for an inexpensive little atomiser it does vape quite nicely. HOWEVER I found it infuriatingly leaky, dribbling juice into my batteries on a regular basis. Leaks with this all depend on the coil - with some being worse than others, some even DOA.

Wick type used: Silica
Coil type: Single

  • Vapes well
  • Inexpensive
  • Leaky
Posted on February 2, 2015 1:02 pm
T3S Clearomizer 2.4ml 10.8

The T3S is my work atty It produces a great vapour everytime and has never let me down. Much better than there previous attempts. Welldone guys

Wick type used: Silica
Mod body used: Joyetech controller or EVOD
Coil type: Single
Bought from:

  • Easy set up
  • dependable
  • great vapour
Minors No minors
Posted on November 8, 2013 10:53 am

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