The Rose

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The Rose is a very special device for connoisseurs. The Rose’s feature list is unique. No atomizing device available today can offer a feature rich list as comprehensive as The Rose.

Main Characteristics:
  ·  Material: Stainless Steel Type 316 (half tank is made of clear acrylic with a spare Stainless Steel 316 half tank)
  ·  Diameter: Ø22mm
  ·  Length (including drip tip and connector): 79,5mm
  ·  Length (excluding drip tip and connector): 54,5mm
  ·  Wick type: Silica rope
  ·  Connector type: 510 (M7x0,5mm Pitch)
  ·  Tank Capacity: 3.7ml
Special Features:
  ·  Single coil or dual coil configurations – Single coil with 2 wicks or 2 coils with a wick each
  ·  Airflow control ring – Fully open will offer a Ø1.5mm hole for airflow
  ·  Juice flow control – By turning the drip tip, you can adjust the flow of juice onto the coil
  ·  Ceramic coil cup – You can choose to not use the coil cup if you prefer
  ·  Re-coiling without emptying tank – Simply invert and unscrew the coil head assembly for re-coiling
  ·  No resistance wire not needed – Careful attention has been made to the ease of setting up a coil in The Rose
  ·  Inverted or regular e-juice filling – Either remove the coil head or the top cap to fill with your favourite e-juice

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The Rose

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Device information

Made byEden Mods
Atomiser typeSilica
Tank Type3.7ml, Acryllic / 316SS
WickSingle / dual coil
Aimed atConnoisseur

Reviews (1)

The Rose 8.6

The Rose has a ceramic chamber liner, small vapor chamber, air introduced directly under the coil, post less wire connection, single coiling takes getting used to, but not difficult, will run silica or cotton, 2mm fully ajustable air for excellent mouth to lung flavor, extremely well made, a, very sensitive juice control is steel drip tip, with adjustability to handle any pg/vg ratio, This tank is excellent flavor producer, classic, unique, timeless design from the British,

Wick type used: Silica
Mod body used: P3 provari
Coil type: Single
Bought from: Eden mods

  • Flavor!
  • Designe superb
  • Ajustable everything
  • Practice building required
  • No lung hits
  • Pmma/ steel tank only
Posted on August 19, 2015 10:39 pm

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