“If you ban my e-cig, I’m buying a deck of Marlboro Lights”

I’m just going to come right out and say it…. I use a box mod, I think anyone that looks at it and thinks “aha, that renormalises smoking”, is an idiot.

A new front has opened up in the war against smokers: people who don’t really smoke at all. Wales is considering proscribing the use of e-cigarettes in public places on the grounds that they undermine the smoking ban and might even normalise smoking. Plans to outlaw politicians on the grounds that they normalise big government, however, are not on the table.

I’m a late convert to e-cigarettes. I wouldn’t class myself as a habitual smoker but a couple of puffs on something sweet has always been part of my creative process: it helps concentrate the mind, I find, when trying to come up with erudite ways of calling public health officials a pain in the neck. Worried that suffering for my art might translate into lung cancer, however, I decided to experiment with the electric alternative – and found that they take some getting used to. Ugly and clunky, they light up at the end like ET’s finger and fail to deliver that acidic hit that makes the real thing such a delight. On the plus side, however, they don’t leave you smelling like a rubbish tip or lying in an early grave, so I’ve persevered. Telegraph

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