Beta Launch

I’m just hitting my sixth month vaping full time and I’m well and truly unhooked from smoking – which feels amazing after trying to ditch a 15 year habit for the last five.

My mods are mid-range but my hunger for trying flavours isn’t and through my quest to find the right all day vape I’ve found myself hitting two main issues when I’ve been out looking for things to buy….

1. Juice sites often don’t describe their juices all that well
2. Even when they do, I don’t know if that particular variant of X Flavour is the one that I want to try.

I’ve been keeping a few notes in a spreadsheet and scoring them myself, figuring out slowly what people are talking about when they say that an e-juice “tastes like happiness and waffles on a rainy Sunday morning” and helping a couple of vendors get on the digital ladder. I love giving back to communities I’m involved in and then it hit me – I could give back to ecigs by building a crowd sourced review database of vendors and flavours.

It’s early days yet but I’m hoping this will grow from just my discoveries to something much larger, and let you keep a record of what you like and what you thought of the juice, kind of like you might do with a nice wine or good ale.

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