“The battle over e-cigarettes”

Marvellous article here, well worth a read. For those of you not in the UK two Scottish soccer clubs have sponsorship deals in place with E-Lites. The clubs are Celtic & Rangers, with E-lites cleverly making green and blue tipped ecigs for them respectively (I believe) – they also both buck the trend that’s coming in by allowing ecigs to be used inside stadium.

The problem (as seems to be more and more common) is that the British Medical Association are ignoring the research suggesting that Ecigs are essentially harmless and are instead taking the line that anything that looks like smoking is evil and must be stopped. I wonder if they’d advocate banning water to help stop the abuse of vodka?

Two years ago I wrote about how the British Medical Association – the doctors’ trade union – is so gripped by a self-serving politically correct agenda that it damages the important relationship between patient and doctor.

The BMA’s over-the-top and outspoken histrionics continue to throw the profession into disrepute. I warned that its behaviour challenged the notion of “trust me, I’m a doctor” – to the point it would become as absurd as “trust me, I’m a politician”. The profession of doctor risks losing respect – not because of individual cases of malpractice or chicanery, but more akin to the behaviour of teachers’ unions and their willingness to strike, undermining the once universal respect that dominies were held in.

My comments back then upset some people, but the evidence remains unchanged; indeed the BMA is at it again, this time demanding that Celtic and Rangers football clubs repudiate their relationship from e-cigarette manufacturer E-lites and ban their use at designated areas of their stadia.The Scotsman

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