Bricks & Mortar, new features

The Bricks and Mortar page has always been popular on the site. When it comes down to it the web is fantastic but sometimes it’s just good to go somewhere and speak to someone in person, so with that in mind I’ve just finished a major overhaul to the B&M Map.

Up to last night you’ll have seen a simple Google Map with store name, address, phone # and web address. So what’s changed? I’m glad you asked, version two is much, much better….

• You can search listings by keywords, distance, location – and you can get Google maps directions rightin the site
• Listings can feature photos, comments and 1-5 star ratings
• You can bookmark stores
• If you add a new store to the site it goes online with much richer information (adding a listing will always be free)
• There’s a new dashboard for users to manage their claimed/added listings
• You can contact verified stores from within All the Juices

Store owners have the new ability to claim and manage their own listings. Claims go into moderation to check the right person gets it, and by claiming ownership of a store you get a few additional benefits:

• Listing is locked so that you are the only person who can update it (via your directory dashboard)
• Listing becomes ‘verified’ adding additional trust and credibility
• Email alerts when anyone posts a review or add photos to your listing
• Add and manage ‘official’ photos on the front page of your listing (via the directory dashboard)
• Listing can be featured at the top of the list page
• Collect leads and respond to potential customers through the Contact Us form on the listing page.

Everything’s still in the same place and over time this is going to get better and better as we gain more information.

For an example of a more populated listing check here.

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