“The British Medical Association and its attacks on e-cigarettes”

Fantastic piece about the BMA going after more organisations that allow vaping, which I still think is crazy. Out of everyone I would have thought they would be one group out there being vocal and championing something that works so well to get people away from cigarettes.

Don’t forget; If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started vaping e-cigarettes it would stop the premature deaths of 5 million people who are alive today – that’s just in Britain, imagine how much higher that number would be world wide.

The British Medical Association has written to a number of football clubs urging them to end sponsorship deals with e-cigarette companies and to ban the use of e-cigarettes at their football grounds. I think the lines taken by the BMA are scientifically illiterate and likely to cause harm by making it harder for people to quit smoking by switching to vaping. They stress minute obscure risks and ignore huge potential benefits and argue with an authority not backed by the quality of their science. So here is an anonymised example of the letters they have been sending, along with how I would reply if I was an organisation on the receiving end of this.The Counterfactual

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  1. vapefreak
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    I live in the US where the FDA is also considering regulating vaping as a medicine. I was glued to your response and with your permission I would like to reproduce some of your excellent points to use with our attempts to make Congressman see the flawed views the government may decide to use. I applaud you and it would be a sad day for our world if governments try to stop the freedom we all have and the benefits to us who have quit smoking and regulate based on lies and the lobby of cigarette corporations who have lied to the worlds public for decades. Keep up the fight!!!

    Posted on November 1, 2013
  2. VaporVickie
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    I also live in the USA where there are efforts in the works to regulate ecigs/eliquids. There is also controversy over flavored eliquids and the public is concerned that flavored eliquids will encourage children to start vaping. I have to wonder why the liquor industry is allowed to have flavored spirits in that case… Also, if they want to regulate eliquid, shouldn’t they also regulate caffeine and other stimulants such as chocolate bars and other foods and products containing stimulants? Eliquid is not tobacco. Nicotine is not the same thing as tobacco either. Further, not all eliquid contains nicotine. The government/FDA is not concerned with the health of the ppl as much as it is with their wallets. This is just one more thing they think they can tax through the roof to help pay off their multi-trillion $ debt that has just kept growing despite all of their efforts to tax everything…but that is politics and government for you.

    Posted on November 2, 2013
    • tppp
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      The problem is that tobacco tax was always justified as a sin tax due to damage we did to ourselves/those around us. The argument just doesn’t hold for ecigs.

      On the flavour side of things, I don’t see any children chewing flavoured nicotine gum. Or do I and I’ve just never realised? The papers certainly don’t mention it, kinda sounds like adults like different flavours too, who saw that coming!?

      Posted on November 2, 2013
      • VaporVickie
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        That is something I never thought about…flavored nic gum…it is probably nasty enough even with flavoring that kids wouldn’t be enticed by it. Not sure vaping entices kids the way cigarettes did as vaping isn’t something you do to look cool or fit in. Its about as cool as an asthmatic using a rescue inhaler…I don’t think vaping poses that big of a danger to kids as cigs did either bc the cigs were loaded with addictive chemicals that went immediately into the bloodstream giving instant gratification while vaping is not instant gratification…the nic is pretty slow to absorb into the bloodstream and doesn’t give that instant buzz like cigs do. I still miss that instant buzz from smoking but not enough to quit vaping to go back to cigs again. I don’t even get a buzz from vaping like I did with cigs…but the nicotine in the eliquid keeps me from craving cigs as long as I vape as much as I smoked. So really, I think that kids will be looking elsewhere to get their buzz …and as far as the government goes, here in the US, they are BROKE and grasping at any possibilities to raise $$$…they recently put a tax on chocolate bars for cryn out loud.

        Posted on November 5, 2013

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