“Busting the myths in the EC’s mythbuster”

The EU has passed the TPD, including article 18. Sad times for European vapers. They’ve published this lovely leaflet to explain their reasons. On the upside, at least it’s not in comic sans.

The best breakdown I’ve seen so far is from Redhead full of steam. I’d recommend you read and click through.

A small island of joy today. For some time now I have held a theory that somewhere deep in the basement of the European Parliament in Brussels is a small but very special department; a department with responsibility for insulting the intelligence of European citizens. Imagine how vindicated, then, I must feel today. The Department for Insulting Intelligence has finally moved out of the shadows and has released, with an uncanny sense of timing, an e-cigarettes mythbuster. It’s almost as if they knew what was going to happen.

Apart from its charmingly naive design sensibilities, the document is essentially an object lesson in misinformation and lying by omission. So let’s go through it point by point.

“The EU is banning e-cigarettes”
The new legislation does not ban e-cigarettes, nor was there ever a plan to ban such products. Not only will consumers still be able to buy and use e-cigarettes, but they will benefit from improved safety and quality requirements.

Perfect newspeak there. No, e-cigarettes aren’t going to be banned. Cig-a-likes of the kind favored by Big Tobacco are to be allowed to flourish almost unchallenged by competitors. The good e-cigarettes, the ones that work as satisfying nicotine delivery systems, the ones that actually keep their users off tobacco; they are going to be banned. They are going to be banned via the back door method of placing impossible to meet technical demands upon their designers and manufacturers. Bear in mind also that for many of you this means that everything you currently use, certainly by way of atomizers, is going to be outlawed.Redhead full of Steam

Read the full article on Redhead full of steam

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