“Caught up in the smoking ban, the New Orleans ‘vaping’ community wants to clear the air”

Inside the cloud of angst that has swelledsince city lawmakers revealed plans to outlaw smoking across New Orleans, Rachel Brown wants to clear up a few things.

After burning through two packs of Newports a day for 13 years, she said she is not a smoker anymore. Instead she “vapes,” inhaling nicotine through a vaporizer. It irks her to no end, she said, to have her hobby, substitute habit and now livelihood cast under the same carcinogenic cloud as cigarette smokers by the sweeping ban the City Council is mulling.

“I had a (nicotine) patch on both arms at one point, and nothing worked,” said Brown, who manages a vape shop in Kenner. “And we have six kids at home. So I’ve been vaping now for two years, and I’m not as sick anymore, I have no smoker’s cough. Food even tastes better. I can breathe, I can run, I can keep up with my kids.”

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