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Comprehensive CCTV inspections reveal the inside of your chimney and check its condition for complete peace of mind. They identify faults or obstructions which were discovered during sweeping and which would otherwise not be visible. We use the most up to date modern equipment to bring you this service.

CCTV can be used for a number of reasons:

– Inspections of blockages
– Collapsed mid feathers and capped chimneys
– Assessing damage after chimney fires
– Checking condition of liners
– Party wall damage disputes

Ensuring your chimney is in full working order is a crucial part of maintaining the health of your home and your roof. If you suspect your chimney is damaged, or if you have noticed water leaks from your roof, getting an expert in to rectify the problem could mean avoiding much more serious long-term problems.

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If you are experiencing a leak from your chimney, the issue is most likely to be caused by eroded pointing. Although this a small issue that is easily fixed, leaving it for too long can hugeimplications for your home, including water damage, chimney instability and disintegration.


CCTV Inspections & Chimney Repairs



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