“We Should Cheer E-Cigs and Vaping, Not Equate it With Smoking”

Walking down the streets of New York I see more and more people using e-cigarettes. I see them enjoying their e-cigarette outside a bar or as they hustle down the street and it is easy to imagine that these e-cigs have replaced their previous form of tobacco intake, the cigarette.

I instantly feel a solidarity and connection with these folks. I have my own long and complicated relationship with cigarettes. I have tried everything to break my habit. I have tried the patch and the gum. I have tried hypnosis and Wellbutrin. And out of all of the replacements and strategies, I have been most excited and optimistic about e-cigarettes and vaping.

It is encouraging how fast e-cigs and vaping have taken off. Smokers aren’t stupid. When offered a safer model to obtain their nicotine, millions will choose it. The fact that e-cigs can be purchased at most delis and stores makes it easy for those who want to practice harm reduction in their life. We also see vaping shops like the”Henley Vaporium” in Soho (where I go) popping up around the world. These spots allow former smokers a relaxed place to hang out, try different flavors, bond with others who have quit smoking, and encourage a healthier life style.Huffington Post

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