A Collection Of VOOPOO DRAG Mods-DRAG, DRAG2 & DRAG Mini

Throughout the history of vape box mods, we can see that people are always pursuing more functions and smaller sizes. This is exactly the case with the development of the VOOPOO Drag Mod series. Today we’ll take an overview of the three brothers of Drag.

Firstly is the VOOPOO DRAG Mod

The Mod VOOPOO DRAG with Gene Chip inside is a dual 18650 (sold separately) powered mod compatible with the VooPoo PC App for full customization and fine-tuning settings. The Gene Chip inside the DRAG offers a full temperature control suite with 157W max power and a firing speed of 0.025 seconds! The VooPoo DRAG is a highly efficient variable wattage box mod with a chip efficiency rating of 95% for accurate and reliable power output. The chassis of the DRAG made from zinc alloy and has a carbon fiber accent panel on one side and the word DRAG lightly etched into the battery access door. The DRAG is compatible with the VooPoo PC App which allows the user to customize settings and add a customized logo to the display. The VooPoo DRAG 157W TC Box Mod is ideal for users looking for some serious power output with minimal fire delay for that SUPER DRAG!

Then is the VOOPOO DRAG 2 Mod
The Mod VOOPOO DRAG 2 is the avant-garde upgrade to the original DRAG 157W, presenting a highly intelligent GENE FIT Chip with multiple power output modes and optimized battery efficiency within a beautifully updated chassis. The DRAG 2 177W Box Mod is built with a modernized update to the original, implementing rounded edges for ergonomic handling and more resin dyed color options for a visually stunning display! The GENE.FIT Chip is dynamic and quite efficient with battery efficiency, with the addition of multiple output power adjustments such as Flavor Set, Cloud Set, and Battery Set.

At last is the VOOPOO DRAG Mini Mod
The Mod VOOPOO DRAG Mini provides the perfect combination of performance and ergonomic functionality, deploying the exceptional GENE Fit Chip for battery-efficient outputs with various power modes and a built-in 4400mAh battery. A compact rendition of the iconic DRAG 157W while modern chassis update, the DRAG Mini provides a smaller profile to fit comfortably in-hand while maintaining the visual prowess VOOPOO’s devices have come to known for. The internal GENE Fit Chip is quite dynamic and excellent for battery efficiency, with the addition of multiple output power adjustments such as Flavor Mode, Cloud Mode, and Battery Mode.

In my opinion, all the three mods have outstanding performances, so don’t hesitate to buy from the online vape store if you’re looking for some cost-effective devices.

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