Cool Breeze Vapor is known for its great deals, convenience, customer service, and the quality and taste of our USA made premium e-juices, which we sell in a variety of exceptional tastes. Here you can find not only a taste and nicotine level that will satisfy your taste buds and craving, but also a quality e-cigarette to smoke it out of at a great price! We invite you to kick your shoes off, put your feet up, and browse our online store where you can take advantage of our awesome prices and selection!


Studio Vapes is the best spot for Electronic Cigarettes, juice and supplies in the Cincinnati, OH area! These are not the same type of Electronic Cigarettes you’ll find at your local tobacco store, gas station, or grocery store! Stop by and see our wide selection of products, great prices, large selection of flavors and friendly service! We aim to make your vaping experience unique, to meet your tastes. Come in and and experience the very latest in Vapor E-Cig technology in a relaxing atmosphere. See why we claim to be the best place to vape in Cincinnati. Wide variety of Electronic Cigarettes, e-liquids, atomizers, batteries, and accessories.

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