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505 Johnson Ave SUITE 5 Bohemia NY. 11716

Electronic cigarettes and accessories, starter kits, e-liquid, DIY supplies.

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Fluid Vapor, Awesome Local B&M

I tend to be exclusively a web shopper, and I usually assume B&Ms are going to be pricier. But with vaping, you need someplace nearby to go to, and when I first started, I went in to Fluid for a small kit.

I go here weekly for meets now and I buy a lot of my gear here- Fluid is a GREAT local vendor with fantastic prices, solid juice, and incredibly trustworthy staff. Even with other stuff I may go in to a store sometimes, but prefer online shopping. With vaping it’s the other way around- I’d rather buy here where I know who I am buying from and their knowledge of the items they sell.

I’ve been here like six times now and I always regret not buying more stuff. I brought my mom in and the staff actually suggested she buy a far cheaper setup because she might not like the more advanced stuff yet. They’ll tell you straight up which stuff is likely to work for you, and if something isn’t right for your needs, they will tell you that too and point you in the right direction.

I’ve sampled a great range of their juices and all are solid- there are some real standouts, but the juice quality is great and they don’t just slap stuff together. It’s tested and tweaked. Little services like pre-charging batteries are also nice, and there is a lounge that is usually pretty busy on weekends.

Since Fluid isn’t in a commerce district and is harder to find, it would be easy to pass it by, but I do all my in-person shopping here and a lot of my vaping supplies are from Fluid even though I have the whole internet to pick from.

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