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5 Little Underbank Stockport Cheshire SK1 1LA

Welcome to Liberty Flights (established in 2009), one of the leading specialists in E Cigarettes and E Liquid that customers throughout the world have recognised as one of the best suppliers in the industry. Offering the solution that is one of the most adaptable and customisable ways of enjoying a safer, healthier and more cost effective alternative to tobacco and cigarettes, Liberty Flights have spent the time and research to presenting a reliable way of delivering an authentic nicotine experience but without the many dangers and social aspects of conventional cigarette smoke. Our e cig devices are the way forward for many cigarette smokers, who perhaps are looking for a cheaper way to smoke or who are looking at alternatives due to medical advice. One thing that e liquid does is authentically recreate the way in which smokers gain their satisfaction from tobacco.

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Great little shop

I tend to get most of my stuff off the internet but I’ve been here a couple of times when I’ve needed something last minute. The staff are really friendly and go out of their way to be helpful (the same can be said about the website team as well). Stock tends to lend itself more towards the new or regular vaper and DIY juice mixer. Decent range and good prices.

The only downside is that parking can be difficult, but the store is town centre in the main shopping area, so that’s hardly surprising. This is where I tend to tell my vape curious friends to go to find out more and get their first setup.

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