Feeling Cheated!!! Check out their 9 month guarantee product!!! Shame on me for getting took!!!

Ok here is how it works. They sell you a product for $90 that they guarantee you will not have to replace anything on it for 9 months. I chose this product for that very reason! Cory asked me to look in the case to choose my color, Cory goes to the back and get a faulty one, same color. Rings you up and takes your money. Then you sign a spiral notebook with your name number and the date you bought it. They keep the book and you get nothing stating when where or how the agreement works! I walked out of the store drove 15 min. took the vapor out of the box and hit it! My mouth was full of the juice and my tongue was on fire! The liquid felt like it was burning a hole in my tongue. The store was closed by this time and I was on my way back to TN and would not be back in the area for another month.. so I left the product with my daughter to go take it back to the store, when she went in to exchange it or get my money back Cory told her he did not have enough money in the drawer to give it back but that she could come back another day. My Daughter went back on another occasion and was told by Cory that they do not give money back on this product they only fix it and that was that. So I came home a month later and still did not have a product that works. So I went back into the store myself with my product and asked them to exchange it for something else or a new one. Cory said they will not exchange it and will not do anything except fix it and the part would not be in for over a week!!! I can try back then. So I still do not have a product that I can use.

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A great place for locals to get started

It’s wonderful to have a Vape store local to pick up all the essentials without needing to wait on the mail! They have a table set up to try out all their liquids and have them at a reasonable price. My husband vapes their cotton candy and nothing else!

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