“Don’t share negativity”

Life is about perspective. The way we look at the world pretty much dictates how we experience it and, importantly, what we say reflects what we believe.

This week the latest psudeo-news being shared everywhere is about a poor guy that’s ended up with a hole in his lung. I don’t know what happened to him (and I hope he recovers soon) but the articles about it lend a great chance for me to write about something I’ve wanted to raise for a while.

Literally every vaping group I’m a part of has the article shared as “Vaping Hospitalised Man” or “Vaping burned a hole in my lungs”, and that message is being amplified throughout Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forums…. everywhere basically. It’s great that it’s being discussed and debunked, but what message are we actually sharing? Spiritus Vapes

Spiritus Vapes

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