“Drafting A Scottish Government E-Cigs/Tobacco Control Consultation Response”

A consultation entitled “Electronic Cigarettes and Strengthening Tobacco Control in Scotland” is due to close on Friday January 2nd. Time to get a wiggle on.

Now, it’s true that – as we have seen with the recent Westminster smoking in cars consultation – the views of the public are generally sidelined in favour of those offered by quangos and fake charities funded by the government to lobby for illiberal legislation. That is even after the questions have been blatantly engineered to deter ‘incorrect’ answers (see here).

[edit]Above is[/edit] a cut-out-and-keep guide to how it works.

However, it’s still worth putting in the effort and responding to them in my opinion. The huge level of responses arguing against the MHRA’s plan to ban e-cigs in 2010 arguably forced them to postpone their stupidity, while the consultation on plain packaging attracted the largest response in UK government history which could have played a part in hindering them for the last two years.Dick Puddlecote

Dick Puddlecote

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