The Dripping Time Has Come – Afk Studio Easy One Eda BF RDA Review

AFK STUDIO, which is impressive in its high-end and unique personality, recently launched an RDA. The structure and usage concept of this product has made a fierce collision with the current RDA product market. This is not only named after its unconventional “EDA” but also in the actual product experience, you can feel the unique concept of AFK STUDIO.

Clear EASY ONE name and EDA label, as an alternative definition of RDA, not only “E” stands for the unconventional finished coil design, which is the same as the ease of use of “EASY” in today’s design trend. EDA’s understanding is “EASY DRIP ATOMIZER” simple RDA.

In this 24mm diameter product, we can find a variety of elements that can be easily used with a drip atomizer: 810 sizes insulated tip drip, side air intake system, double hollow post deck, these are perfectly compatible with the blind drops of the drip.
Afk Studio Easy One Eda BF RDA
The non-slip knurling on the top of the finished coil and the chamfering of the air intake hole, the overall workmanship and detail processing of the EASY ONE have shown sufficient persuasion. Through the space occupied by the finished coil, in fact, the volume of the 24MM diameter RDA is close to 22MM. With the Clapton coil, its taste will not be bad.

The inside of the chamber is polished and the top is visible with a slight chamfering treatment. The drip protrudes inward to form a condensed barrier structure. Although the atomizer has an ordinary appearance, it contains many small details that are worthy of approval, just like the inner wall of the drip. The groove is simple and generous.

Compared to the commonly finished coils of RDA, The 0.15-ohm dual-coil Clapton coil is huge, and the officially marked 60-100W power range is also on the cover. As an environment where many players have purchased the finished Clapton coil directly, such a finished coil of RDA is obviously a more convenient option as long as the price is reasonable.

The coil and the deck are linked by raised posts, and this structure will also appear on other coils or manual rebuild accessories in the future. From the actual use of a period of time and various reconstruction tossing attempts, it is known that EASY ONE is basically impossible to support the coil reconstruction. The tossing operation of simply replacing cotton has already made you want to dispel this idea.

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The actual taste of EASY ONE EDA is greatly attributed to this “inner” and “outer” combination. Since the atomization space is equivalently compressed in the state where the actual space is narrowed, its taste has a distinct compressive feeling. In fact, even if you smoke more than five puff, you will feel the heat of the chamber rises sharply. However, the Clapton coil has a high fuel consumption, and the e-juice meets the basic limit of five puff.

Looking back at the current mainstream Clayton coil has become the mainstream of the market, the development of this “finished products” is also the trend of the times. EASY ONE EDA‘s overall product design thinking is more innovative, new players or lazy players can easily get a rich drip experience through the convenience of the finished coil.


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