“E-Cigarette Secondhand Smoke Study Finds Nicotine, But Few Toxins”

A great piece, whatever some might say about the apparent re-normalisation of smoking (because obviously watching someone do one thing means it’s totally ok to do something completely different) things like the effect of secondhand vape being safe still needed to be scientifically proven. There’s more of this happening all the time, our case gets stronger with every day.

E-cigarettes aren’t just an affectation of cyberpunky hipsters – they’re a breath of not-quite-fresh air to smokers tired of being exiled to the hinterlands when they need a puff. Because an e-cigarette user exhales water vapor instead of smoke, it’s easier to justify bringing them back into bars and workplaces.

On its face, the e-cigarette seems like a safer option: instead of burning a tobacco mixture, the devices uses a heating element to warm up a liquid solution containing nicotine. Instead of exhaling a cloud of smoke, the e-cig smoker exhales mostly water vapor. But do e-cigarettes pose any secondhand dangers to bystanders? Now a new study, one of the first to look at the issue of secondhand e-cigarette vapor, finds that while you might get a whiff of nicotine from being close to someone puffing on an e-cig, you probably won’t be sniffing much else.International Business Times

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