“E-cigarettes are as safe as nicotine patches, new research reveals”

It’s something we’ve all felt in our hearts since we started vaping, e-cigarettes are safer than smoking, but it’s great to see researchers coming through with science that shows our pasttime to be safe. This is a great article worth a read and a share comparing patches, e-cigarettes and placebo cigarettes.

New research revealing that “e-cigarettes are comparable to nicotine patches in terms of safety” could finally help put an end to the raging health battle over the potential risks of e-cigarettes.
The increasing popularity and availability of e-cigarettes (also known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, and colloquially as ENDS ) has prompted fierce debate among public health professionals.

Critics of the now-popular e-cigarette, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) have zealously campaigned against the product, taking the position that “the safety of ENDS has not been scientifically demonstrated”.

However, the latest evidence suggests that e-cigarettes offer a safe pathway for those users who cannot give up the need for nicotine, but wish to do it without thousands of harmful by-products.Information Daily

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  1. douglaspaxton
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    Taken in comparison to tobacco, electronic cigarettes are significantly safer with regard to the mix of chemicals included. However, there are still some safety considerations to take into account, such as the long term impact of inhaling propylene glycol, and perhaps more significantly, the risk of nicotine poisoning from the direct access to the toxic levels of nicotine solution by users, and especially by accidental contact with children, either by ingestion or by dermal contact.

    Posted on October 24, 2013

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