“Why e Cigarettes Must Be Declared Tobacco Products”

Fantastic article over on Spinfuel, lots of emotion and well worth a read and share. Be in no doubt… some very rich people have realised that “Oh crap, we’re going to lose a lot of money” and all Vapour legislation has been about preventing that from happening. Whether it’s Politicians, Big Pharma or Big Tobacco doesn’t matter, these three massive entities have a lot to lose as vapour moves into the mainstream. Big Tobacco may be able to claw some back with cigalikes, but patches/gums and cigarette sin taxes are over.

If you really want to know why it has taken the FDA so long to reach some sort of consensus in their supposed ‘deeming regulations’ for e cigarettes, you really don’t have to look so hard. It’s been a part of the public record all this time.

All the news reports you see against e cigarettes, all the chest-thumping you see by phony politicians who want to ban e cigarettes, and all the supposed ‘concerned’ citizens against e cigarettes boils down to one thing. Money. It has nothing to do with the safety of e cigarettes. Nothing.

It’s been said that money is the root of all evil. I believe that, and I’ve believed it most of my life. I hate money, but I understand it is a necessary evil. But the things it makes people do, the immoral, dishonest, cheating things that people do in order to obtain money, and keep it, is something I find most disgusting of all. So, when I see, or read, all the manufactured outrage against e cigarettes I remind myself why it’s happening.

“The agreement requires the tobacco companies to pay approximately $195.9 billion to the states between now and 2025 (in current dollars). These payments are increased to account for inflation (with a minimum increase of 3% per year), but are reduced when the top four cigarette companies’ combined U.S. cigarette sales or their combined percentage share of the total U.S. cigarette market fall below 1997 levels – and those companies’ U.S. market share and sales have been declining steadily. So far, this downward volume adjustment has reduced the amounts paid by all the participating manufacturers to the states by more than the upward inflation adjustment has increased them but the inflation adjustment is catching up.”Tobacco free Kids

$195.9 Billion

If every smoker in the US quit smoking tomorrow a whole lot of politicians would stand to lose a whole lot of money. What? You don’t think it’s YOUR money do you?Spinfuel

Read the full article on Spinfuel

If you’re in Europe and you haven’t haven’t already, click the link below and find out what you can do to fight against EU legislation that will stop you vaping…

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