“E-Cigs appear connected to increased quit attempts in UK”

Great article about what we all know, vaping helps people move away from smoking. I’d say ‘switch’ rather than quit, but a great article none-the-less.

New data from the United Kingdom seems to indicate the the growth of the electronic cigarette industry there is leading to a pretty serious increase in smoking attempting to quit smoking. The data comes from the Smoking Toolkit Study — an ongoing effort to track national trends in smoking and smoking cessation.

From May 2011 to August 2013, the percentage of smokers that used electronic cigarettes rose from 2% to 16%. That’s quite the climb, but is roughly in line with growth the industry has experienced worldwide. But in the same time, the percentage of smokers who had attempted to stop in the last year rose from the neighborhood of 35% to the neighborhood of 45%.Ecig Advanced

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