“E.U. Decides Not To Interfere With E-Cigarette Sales; Will The FDA Follow Suit?”

Fairly balanced piece over at, it’s really nice to start seeing more and more positive (or at least less negative) press going out. Feels like the tide is turning a little.

Yesterday the European Parliament rejected proposed regulations that would have treated electronic cigarettes like pharmaceuticals, sparing manufacturers what The New York Times calls “an onerous and potentially costly certification process.” The E.U. will instead establish a minimum purchase age of 18, along with “tight restrictions on advertising and sponsorship” similar to those for conventional cigarettes. “This is a fantastic result for public health and the millions of smokers around Europe who are switching to e-cigarettes,” said Charles Hamshaw-Thomas, corporate affairs director for E-Lites, the leading British e-cigarette brand. “Common sense has prevailed.”

Whether it will in the United States remains to be seen. The Food and Drug Administration initially tried to ban e-cigarettes as unapproved pharmaceutical products, an effort that was blocked by the courts. More than two years ago, the agency said it would instead regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. It is still working on those rules, with a self-imposed deadline set for the end of this

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