End of day two

Well, what a day! After a nervous start I’m now sat enjoying a bit of Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard and feeling really good about how people are using the site.

I”ve been slowing building the site in the background for a few weeks now, it worked for me and after adding a bunch of juices I started a small user test, then opened it up to and wow what a reception, can’t believe how much people seem to like it – here’s hoping that keeps up.

Some cleanups and updates for today…

  • I’ve redone the site registration system so it’s a bit more fluid (added recaptcha and automatic signup)
  • There’s no email verification now but you’ll need correct details for any password reminders
  • Rearranged the sidebar a little so new juices are up top
  • Added the side bar to all pages
  • Added a jump list to the sidebar for quick access to vendors, it only shows vendors with reviews and might get a but big eventually, but worth it at the moment
  • Added update profile button (you can now add some extra information here, which will add your name and bio to juices you upload along with creating a page where you can keep an eye on anything you submit)
  • Users aren’t able to review something as they upload it, rather they give thoughts and comments to set the stage – this is to try and reduce any potential abuse from bulk uploads by anyone with top marks

Fifty reviews made today, and lots of signups. Very exciting times!


  1. Anesthesized
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    Started vaping on April 20, 2013 with the hope of being able to quit analogs by my birthday on June 5 to keep a promise to my kids. I had previously tried everything else with the exception of Chantix (personally believe anti-depressants drugs are far more dangerous than cigarettes). Smoked my last analog just two days later and have been off ever since, my kids are thrilled. I’m proving to be a fickle vaper. I like trying lots of different flavors, but I get tired of them and switch around a lot. I’m constantly sampling and trying out new vendors. Like the sites creator I’m also frustrated by some vendors’ descriptions of their products. Many vendors also filter the reviews on their sites and display only the ones that offer glowing praise. I would love to have a site as a “goto” reference for objective juice reviews with more accurate descriptions of flavors. I think this could be that site so I’m on board.

    A couple of initial thoughts about the reviews. I think it would be helpful to know if certain juices are helped by “steeping”. While I was initially skeptical about the value of “steeping”, my own experiences have changed my mind completely on this. I think knowing if the reviewer tried the juice right out of the mail or after some “steeping” process would be very helpful. I put “steeping” in quotes because I’ve seen the word used to describe just letting a bottle of juice sit with the top off to a procedure involving sitting the bottle in hot water to using a electronic device to rapidly shake the juice to some combination of all those things to… get the idea. For me, it is a vigorous shake followed by 48 hours in a cool dark cabinet with both the cap and dropper top off. After that I put the bottle back together give it another good shake and let it sit in the cabinet for another week or so with a daily shake. So in a nutshell, if you steeped say so and say how.
    Another helpful bit of information would be whether or not the juice is a “tank cracker”. I now use a Kanger Pro-tank because of this very issue. I had a poly-carb clearo literally disintegrate in seconds after filling with Amaretto flavored juice from Vapor-renu (once I got my Kanger this turned out to be a very good juice!). Those who use the poly-carb clearos would probably appreciate knowing if a juice may potentially require a stainless or glass tank to vape it safely.
    I hope to be a contributor and I know I will be a frequent visitor (already bookmarked the site!) so good luck with the site!
    Vapors keep on vaping!

    Posted on July 8, 2013
    • All the Juices
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      That’s a fantastic suggestion, a note about steeping is definitely well placed. I’ve updated the forms for the initial upload form and also for the ratings. Unfortunately I don’t have an editing method in place at the moment so it’s not possible to go back to old reviews and update them, but all new reviews can include that information.

      I don’t want to add too many individual questions because it might put people off contributing, with steeping added it kind of feels like the right amount. Tank cracking info should really be included in with the vendors description but we’ve all been caught out, there’s the positive/negative boxes for extra good/bad things though.

      Thanks for the great suggestion and nice comments, glad you like the site.

      Posted on July 8, 2013
      • Anesthesized
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        You make good points. No point in cluttering up the review pages and risk burying the information people really want. I’ve contributed my first review (Legend, had to be Legend) and there was ample space in the form for me to include what I felt was pertinent information. I’m currently steeping eight juices from Mom and Pop’s and have a few HHV juices and Flavorz by Joe juices and one or two from a few other vendors that I plan to submit as I have time over the next few days.
        It’s funny, what started out as a way to quit smoking has become quite a little hobby for me! The online community surrounding this industry is just the tops, very friendly.

        Posted on July 8, 2013

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