“Euro MP’s reject proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products”

BBC news is reporting that the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) has been voted on and whilst Euro MPs have indeed voted to tighten tobacco regulations, some measures didn’t go as far as planned.

The big one for us was the proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products – which has been rejected. Commissioner Borg, who presented the proposals, said simply that “Tobacco products should look and taste like tobacco products.”

A lot of us feared the worst with the TPD and this is a huge win for the vaping community – finally common sense has won through. the decision does allow for some regulation, but I don’t think anyone is against safer products so long as the existence  of and access to electronic cigarettes isn’t restricted.

This is the first article I’ve seen go up about the vote and I had to share it, I’ll hopefully be posting more on this once I’ve got more information and whilst this isn’t the end of the fight to keep vaping open to all, at least for today we can breath a little easier.

Euro MPs have voted to tighten tobacco regulations aimed at putting young people off smoking, but some measures do not go as far as originally planned.

They rejected a European Commission proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products – a move that would have restricted sales.

They backed a ban on cigarette flavourings – but with a five-year delay in the case of menthol.

Slim cigarettes will not be banned. EU ministers must now consider the plans.BBC News

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  1. Taffus
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    A great victory, but not a war won. The coming weeks/months will show what the outcome of the deal is. One thing we can expect is heavy taxation. Other things are “DOCH cross-border distance sales”, so this may leave room for individual countries to come up with additional measures. It may be harder to get liquids from the USA for example. On the other hand if a EU member state puts extra tax on it, it can be shipped to another member state without consequences. At least that is what I think. They higher taxation is reasoned by the idea that nicotine vapers burden the cost of health care, and there is even room to ban vamping from public places.. But a lot still has to become clear. Anyway a good day, apparently not all EP members have a lack of brain cells.

    Posted on October 8, 2013
    • tppp
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      I agree completely, there’s definitely more challenges coming but I don’t see how they can possibly take the taxation route.

      On the one hand, taxing anyone ingredient would have too much of a knock on effect elsewhere (VG, PG, Nicotine), and on the other… the tax on cigarettes has always been justified as a sin tax due to the damage smokers do to themselves/others – the same case just can’t be made for vaping.

      Gov’ts are definitely going to try something, but things are looking a lot better today than they did before the TPD vote.

      Posted on October 9, 2013

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