300% faster ejuice reviews!

I’ve been focusing on performance and usefulness over the last couple days and have gone deep into the core of the code to tweak and rewrite things to increase site speed, resulting in a 300% performance increase – pages now load much, much faster. Took a lot of work but it’s worth it.

Also added….

  • Vendor listings now include a short description of the vendor so you can get a feel for who they are*
  • There are now multiple store links to make it easier to find the juice. They’ll either be US, UK, or International depending on how far they ship. (Always worth asking US/UK vendors if they’ll ship to your country of course)*
  • I’ve opened up ratings to none members. You still need to be logged in to add a juice, and logged out members won’t get any kind of user profile, but I wanted to give it a few days as a more open website and see how it goes – fits in with being totally open and unbiased I think. Ratings still go into moderation so I should still catch any dodgy ones.
  • Review pages have been slightly retweaked to move the average score further up the page, just makes sense.
  • Search is more powerful and quicker to respond
  • Only vendors with juice are displayed in the Vendor drop down in the sidebar, and there’s a count of how many juices we have of theirs.

*Vendor descriptions and improved store links are incoming and should be in place over the next day or so.

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