Five Reasons Why You Should Swap Smoking for Vaping

Do you still smoke? If you do, you’re fast becoming a minority in the UK. Many millions of people have given up on smoking in recent years. While many do this by using nicotine replacement gum and patches, others go cold turkey.

If you’ve tried these and it hasn’t worked, you could try vaping instead. It’s extremely similar to smoking, but there are key advantages to it. Below, we are going to explore five reasons why you should swap smoking for vaping.

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

While we do not understand the full dangers of vaping yet, we can say with reasonable conviction that vaping is safer than smoking. Smoking is incredibly dangerous and causes all sorts of issues, from blindness to increase risk of stroke, heart attack to cancer – smoking is implicated in all of these conditions and more.

While we do not know the long term consequences of vaping, they are not likely to be as severe as those of smoking. This is because they contain fewer dangerous chemicals. For example, there are potentially no known carcinogens in ejuices.

Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

It now costs £10 for a packet of 20 cigarettes on average. That’s 50p per cigarette – as much as people sold them at school back in the 90s, and that was a racket!

A 10-a-day habit will set you back at least £150 a month. That’s a ridiculous amount of money that is literally going up in smoke. The cost of vaping an equivalent amount of nicotine is much smaller – the average vaper spends between £15 and £30 a month on their ejuices.

For instance, Dinner Lady e-juice costs around £12 for 30ml. If a 10ml bottle lasts a week, that’s three weeks’ worth of vaping for £12. That’s much cheaper than the equivalent number of cigarettes.

Vaping Is More Socially Acceptable

Maybe your friends are polite, but when I smoke, I get some negative comments from mine. When I stand outside my work smoking, I feel bad. The smoking area in the pub feels like a mini-quarantine.

This is no surprise, really. Smoking has been stigmatised in recent years and it’s fast becoming a socially unacceptable habit. People are frowning hard.

Fortunately, the same isn’t true of vaping. Since swapping to vaping, I no longer receive the evil eye from random passers-by.

Vaping Smells Nicer

As an ex-smoker, I love the smell of cigarette smoke…but only when it’s fresh. Even I balk at the smelly smokers. It gets in their clothes, hair, and it makes their breath smell. It isn’t pleasant.

Fortunately, vaping tends to smell nice. Vape juices such as Dinner Lady e juice, smell nice and fruity, so you smell pleasant when you vape. It’s good.

Vaping Is More Fun

Vaping allows you to make huge plumes of vape. These clouds are great fun – if you thought smoke rings were fun, wait until you see how big you can make a vape ring. It’s awesome.


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