HQD Comma Kit VS Suorin Drop Kit

Recently, pod system kits have emerged in an endless stream, and various shapes have become commonplace. Today we will share you two similar-shape pod systems: HQD Comma Kit and Suorin Drop Kit. If you’re interested, it’s easy to get them from the best vape shop online.

Firstly let’s look at the Suorin Drop Kit.

The material is a combination of zinc alloy + PC, so the hand feels particularly thick, not too heavy or light. The sleek body weight is just right for me. The cartridge’s capacity is 2ML, and the resistance is 1.3-1.4ohm. Take out the cartridge and put it in a bright environment. It can clearly see that the interior of the cartridge is double-storage. The refilling holes on both sides have thick rubber plugs to avoid leakage of e-juice. In the heating coil, the small heating wire + cotton with small diameter is used, and both ends of the cotton can touch the e-juice of the two chambers, and the cotton processing efficiency is good.

About the Drop’s performance. Thick zinc alloy + PC material has no effect on normal carrying, and the refillable cartridges can save a lot of money. After injected high-nicotine salt e-juice, the inhalation is very satisfying, and the suction is smooth and comfortable. There will be some condensation after frequent inhalations, and you can clean it regularly.

Secondly is the HQD Comma Kit.

The shape of the comma is really flattering, and it is like a small whistle. The unique display is like the bird’s eyes. The HQD logo is on the bottom of the front, and the eye position is the display that is unique to the comma.

When you dismantle the cartridge, you can see the battery and the cartridge joint. The small hole in the middle is a pneumatic switch hole with copper electrodes on both sides and magnets on both sides of the most edge. It can be seen that the cartridge is divided into three chambers with a fuel tank in the middle and a screw fixing on both sides. The flue is long, and the upper end opening position is slightly wider than the lower end, which is favorable for condensing backflow.

About the the HQD Comma’s performance. I took a look at my habits. Every time I took a puff, it was about 1.0 to 1.5 seconds. The power of 380mAh was enough for one day. If the power is less than 30%, it will fall faster. At this time, you can consider charging.

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