Tawny’s Strapple

Tawny’s Strapple

By ACRAE Vapour, made in

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A sweet, almost creamy, strawberry on the inhale, followed by a crisp and slightly tart, green apple finish on the exhale. A definite favorite for beginner and veteran vapers alike.

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Tawny’s Strapple 11.0

Wow. Sums up most of it. But first this is a clean crisp refreshing flavor. It tastes natural, not the slightest hint of artificial flavor. A nice clean strawberry on the inhale and a crisp tart green apple on the exhale. No creamy hints at all. It gets better and better as you vape. It tastes like Shoved a strawberry and a apple in a bottle and vaped It. Outstanding spot on flavor. Subtle sweetness just the right amount. I have tried alot of straw/apple flavors and this little baby right here puts them to shame hands down. MAD props to Vacrea. Wow. And wow.

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PG/VG Ratio

max vg

Atomiser/mod setup

Istick w/nautilus mini.

Flavour notes

strawberry, apple

Bought from

La vapors

Steeping method

Cool dark place.

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Posted on January 24, 2015 6:01 pm

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