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A tropical lime flavored soda from your favorite late night taco stop after a night out on the town. Menthol is a must for this one. Trust me!


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Baja Breeze

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Baja Breeze 6.8

Just received yesterday, looks like it was crafted a week ago upon my order given bottle numbering. I was a little put off that one bottle had plastic safety wrap and the other 2 (this flavor included) had none.

Anyway..I'm using a super tank mini with .02 nickel coils on a Sigelei 150tc.

Juice is real real close to baja blast, I added the little bit of menthol which gives it a good kick. With steeping I can see the flavors getting I said this seems to be about a week from creation. The juice does seem oddly thin..shakes in the bottle almost like water..again may thicken with steeping. Overall I would say I'm satisfied with the closeness to my favorite soda.. but I'm not blown away

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Atomiser/mod setup

Sigelei 150tc super tank mini

Flavour notes

Citrus, menthol,

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Direct from company

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  • Close to popular taco stand soda
  • Good flavor
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Posted on December 12, 2015 3:03 pm

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