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Honey Tobacco. Beechwood brings together a bright Tobacco with rich golden Honey. This eliquid is slightly sweet and has nutty tones that blend perfectly with Honey and Tobacco.

Truly a smooth tasting vape that provides a natural sweetness and isn’t bold or hars


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Beechwood 11.0

I love Beechwood!!! This is a smooth, lush, somewhat sweet tobacco vape. The honey tastes like a clover honey and comes through on the inhale along with a fresh roasted nuts taste; the exhale is a smooth tobacco. Almost tastes like you are eating honey roasted peanuts. This is a wonderfully aromatic vape and leaves a sweet nutty tobacco scent in the air as you vape. Gives a very satisfying vape in a Protank II but in the IGO-L it gives quite a strong flavor with lots of vapor and throat hit. I enjoy it either way. The tobacco is very excellent and not harsh or bitter at all. Even if you aren't a fan of tobacco vapes but like honey and nuts, I'd highly recommend this one. Also worth mentioning is that it does not clog atomizers and performs flawlessly in a bcc like the Protank or Evod. I get 6mg normally so if I want a strong throat hit I drip this in an IGO-l or IGO-W.

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Atomiser/mod setup

Protank II on SVD or Lavatube II

Flavour notes

clover honey, fresh roasted mixed nuts, smooth lush tobacco

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Crystal Canyon Vapes

Steeping method

not necessary

  • Comes in glass dropper bottles up to 60 ml
  • High quality ingredients
  • Price, availability, customer service
Minors No minors
Posted on October 22, 2013 3:14 am

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