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For years the numerous health benefits of fresh P.I.M.P. have been well documented. Recently, however, hard economic times have made it more and more difficult to find at your local farmers’ market. Recognizing a problem that could be solved using Science and large machinery, our research department has developed a prototype P.I.M.P. juicer. Sure it takes up the entire third floor and produces a sound that can only be described as “unfortunate” (“SKREEETHUMPH!!!” is also fitting), but it has produced some impressive results (and, alarmingly, earthquakes). Tragically, our people on the third floor all lost their taste buds in an unrelated snowshoeing accident and struggle to tell us what their new discovery tastes like, aside from “Grape, and a variety of delicious fruits”. That’s where you come in. Tell us what those delicious fruits are and we’ll send you a 30mL Bomb Sauce of your choosing (snowshoes not included). P.I.M.P. Juice: Grape and other stuff!

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Pimp Juice 9.0

I love pimp juice the flavour is amazing.

Nicotine Strength: 8mg
PG/VG Ratio: 40/60
Atomiser/mod setup: Itaste
Flavour notes: deep sweetness with an aftertaste of fruity ice
Bought from: gift
Steeping method: 1 week

  • smooth
  • yummy
  • cool
Minors No minors
Posted on December 4, 2014 3:08 pm

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