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Attention cloud chasers and thrill seekers! Big Bang E-Cigs has finally developed an entirely new level of E-Cigarette pleasure! FEEL the refreshing menthol glide effortlessly across your tastebuds. TASTE the explosion of the berries and fruits as they mix together. SEE the glorious plumes of vapor that will fill the room with ease. All you proud vapers are now presented with but one question…Are you V2?

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V2 7.9

I will admit that I am a big fan of the more "fruity" flavors of e-juice. I'm not much for Tobacco, Cake/Bakery flavors, Coffee or Caramel. Some foods, to my taste buds, don't translate into satisfying vapes. I do, however, find myself bouncing back and forth to flavors like AppleJax from Epic or Blueberry Muffin.

The problem is, I like a lighter flavor for all day vaping. Tasting cinnamon cake or blueberry muffin all day just gets... old to me. My all day juices have to be light, easy to hit hard or intermittently and the flavor can't wear on me too quickly or lose it's flavor entirely after a few hours.

This leads to an incessant procession of juice, most of which gets run through a dripper and summarily handed off to a friend because I'm very picky and juices lose their panache for me quickly sometimes.

Enter V2.

I was handed a bottle of V2 by a guy who worked at a vape shop in north Georgia (not Big Bang). He said it was the best thing he'd ever tried, which sounded like a ringing endorsement from someone who works at a vape shop. I had, as of then, not heard of Big Bang.

The half-bottle of 18mg V2 got killed in about 4-5 hours, which is outside the realm of safety for me considering I usually vape 4 or 6. I immediately made a trip and bought some and have since carried / possessed three to four bottles at any given time.

V2 is a strange juice, but it's amazing. In some heads, like a KayFun or a Ithaka or even an iClear, a very prominent Dragonfruit taste comes through on the exhale. On heads like an OMEGA or a Trident/IGO, etc, it's a mix of berries/fruits with a strong mentholate on the inhale.

You can hit V2 hard from a dripper and ice your throat from certain bottles, on others you will miss the menthol but catch more fruit flavor. There are some inconsistencies in the juice which I presume is due to the steeping process before it hits your hands.

Generally speaking, this juice has a mellow but sometimes cool inhale with either a mixed berry or pure dragonfruit exhale. It makes exceptional vapor from RBA's like Genesis or RDAs. My Avenger and OMEGA together make internet-worthy clouds with ease using V2. 4mg offering is reportedly higher in VG and it does seem to track with my experience as the 4mg V2 makes ridiculous vapor out of an RDA.

For reference, all my Atomizers are setup the same way. Dual coil 5 wrap Micro's with rolled sterile cotton, 30A batteries in the mech mod of choice for that day.

One thing to note - the after taste from drippers is not necessarily amazing. When you have a head that brings out the berry mix the exhale flavor is fantastic. The leftover 40 seconds later is just kinda meh. However, in a flavor head like an iClear, KayFun style, etc, the dragonfruit aftertaste is pretty good.

Throat hit is minimal considering I buy the juice in 4-6MG, but I am one of *those* vapers that doesn't like the throat hit, so this is not a concern for me at all. In 8-16mg, there is plenty of throat hit available from RDA or RBA heads.

Overall, this is an easy all day vape, one which I mostly use in an RDA designed to hit HARD. Big Bang is a great company with a lot of good juice offerings.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

Atmizoo Roller / OMEGA RDA

Flavour notes

Fruit, Menthol, Dragonfruit.

Bought from

Roswell, GA B&M

Steeping method


  • Amazing vapor production in 4 and 8mg Offerings.
  • Mild but pleasant fruit flavor and cool hit make it an easy all day vape.
  • Translates well in multiple heads even though primarily designed for rebuildabables.
  • Loses flavor quickly over time if not kept cold.
  • Small inconsistencies in flavor from batch to batch (although none are bad).
  • Cool hit menthol percentage seems to vary greatly from bottle to bottle.
Posted on December 3, 2013 4:08 pm
V2 10.3

This is a really smooth flavor, the taste is amazing - this juice is the BOMB!

Nicotine Strength


  • Flavor
  • Smoth
Minors No minors
Posted on October 29, 2013 3:26 pm

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