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Brother Juice was sat drinking a strong black coffee in New Orleans, trying to build up the courage to sample a particularly pungent pouch of Perique he’d been persuaded to buy, he shivered at the thought of his previous attempts to smoke this on its own, and had yet to come up with a way of making it stand out in a blend over all other flavours, yet remain palateable. He put down his coffee cup, and watched the Mexican Day of The Dead Carnavale as it passed noisily through the narrow streets, brash, vibrant, a celebration of death, a time for in his opinion sombre reflection, and reconciliation with The Lord. Maybe the Mexicans knew something he didn’t. He shuddered as he filled his pipe.

As you would expect of a juice orinally released as a Halloween Special, the flavour of the grave is imbued in every inhale, with Perique Black used at the highest possible palatable concentration, other smoke cured tobaccos accompany it; and a compelling heat that seems more comfortable on every inhale,strong rich ejuice which is lifted with a spike of lime, and (almost intangible but its there) anise and dark coffee combine to accentuate the earthy richness while liftingan almost sweet note from the depths

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BeetleJuice 10.3

This is a very heavy thick vape, loads of complex flavours yet all blended into a WOW this is awesome taste sensation. First it's almost a burst of coffee, lime, and a Pernod hint, then comes the close to the real hit of a cafe creme cigar.

Quite a throat hit but it's not a nasty one, it's smooth rich and just fabulous both on inhale and exhale. This is what I'd call a top of the range stand alone creative ejuice.

Try it and I'm sure you'll find more and more flavours just begging to come alive.

Sub Ohm. Oh boy it's another level, a real more more MORE.

It's one you can ADV, just make sure you have enough for tis moorish

Nicotine Strength


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Atomiser/mod setup

Iclear 30s 1.5 oHm aspire sub oHm

Flavour notes

Coffee, aniseed, tobacco

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Pre steeped

  • Sublime taste
  • Massive vapour
  • Great value
Minors No minors
Posted on February 21, 2015 4:06 pm

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