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Father Gallon was an odious character who seemed to delight in others’ misfortune. After being expelled from the priesthood following a scandal concerning Sister Constance Craving (who seemed to have friends in high places as she continued to be at the root of the demise of many more men of the cloth), he never got to taste the juice Brother Juice had made in his dubious honour. In reality Brother Juice found Father Gallon a repugnant individual, and not, in his opinion suited to a life devoted to The Lord’s work. He was struck by the harsh , earthy, almost death-like flavour of the Perique tobacco he tracked down in Louisiana, and there was only one man to whom he could dedicate a juice based on that find. It took 5 more years, and rare ingredients from 4 continents to produce a juice that was both palatable, but also challenging; overpowering, while at the same time moreish.

After his expulsion Father Gallon made the most of his few remaining years, dedicating his life to hedonism and debauchery. His demise was predictable and rather grotesque, and he was missed only by the ladies of the night at Plymouth Docks.

This juice is strong, Perique Black and fire-cured tobaccos combine to produce a base flavour of a navy-cut type, heavy and rich, and with 10 other components to the juice it’s quite an assault on the palate. There is some sweetness, there are some high notes, there’s also something of the night about this one. Coffee beans, burnt wood, smoke, cinnamon, burnt caramel are all there, and more, and the hit is unmistakeable, but not unpleasant. Moreish in fact, surprisingly so.

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