Sister Constance’s Forbidden Fruits

Sister Constance’s Forbidden Fruits

By B-Juice, Made in Buckfastleigh, made in

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Brother Juice had something playing on his mind as he left Cuba, the rich Criollo tobaccos reminded him of something, more of a feeling than a scent, and he felt a sense of shame as he blended the liquids. It was a feeling he’d felt before, at the Abbey and again in Cienfuegos, as he watched the local girls rolling the cured tobacco leaves into rich, deeply scented cigars at the market where he wandered searching out the finest tobacco leaves, his nose filled with the scent of ripe fruits, his ears with the sound of sing-song voices and laughter.

He named this special blend in honour of Sister Constance, and his face flushed at the thought of her.

This juice brings together the richness of the Criollo, an initial bite with a lingering base note. Velvety smooth fruit and floral undertones bring it to life, and as it develops on the palate it’s those fruit and floral notes that dominate. A light flavour, which won’t challenge even the most sensitive tastes, and will be the ideal vape for summer afternoons with a glass of wine, or for reminiscing and putting a sly smile on your face even in the depths of winter.

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Sister Constance’s Forbidden Fruits 8.9

In my honest opinion THIS is one of the finest ejuice I've ever vaped, the flavours are subtle but intense, yes sounds weird but trust me it's true.

Base notes of almost Cuban cigars, then it's more like a mild tobacco blended with floral fruity notes. I LOVE THIS EJUICE !.

It reaches new peaks when used sub oHm, this juice keeps giving just when you think ahh that's it I can describe every taste and flavour, bang no you can't there's even more depth.

This is an ADV, classy and ohh so smooth. Good throat hit but not a sledgehammer.

Pure delights await anyone who tries it.

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iclear 30s 1.5 oHm

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Pre steeped

  • Sublime taste
  • Great vapour production
  • fantastic value
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Posted on February 21, 2015 2:41 am

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